You can register your child for the next school year 2019/2020 with us on Thursday 4 April 2019 between 1pm to 6pm and on Friday 5 April 2019 between 1pm to 5pm. Please bring the following to enroll your child:

  • child’s birth certificate;
  • your ID;
  • your passport (in case you are a non-EU citizen bring your passport and valid residence permit);
  • a copy of ‘Decision for postponement of compulsory school attendance’ if you requested school postponement at another primary school;
  • the recommendation of pedagogical-psychological advisor (or a children’s doctor) in case your child is younger than 6 years (see the note below).

Note regarding children under 6:

Child turning six in the period between September and the end of June can be enrolled for compulsory school attendance already in that school year if their parents/legal representatives request it and the child is physically and psychologically mature enough.

The two categories of children born in this time frame are:

  • Enrolment of children born between September and December is based on the recommendation of the school advisor.
  • Enrolment of children born from January until the end of June is not based just on the recommendation of the school advisor but also on the recommendation of a children’s doctor as well.

The recommendation(s) are provided to the school by parents/legal representatives of the child.

Further information about Enrolment:

Our school has been established with the aim to provide further education to children who have already started to fluently communicate at pre-school level. This is especially important for parents whose children have already been in day-to-day contact with nature speakers at privately run pre-schools.

We therefore expect that your child will not only be mature enough for schooling but able to fluently communicate in English language as well. We are not a school which offers teaching the basics of English language. However, because we also welcome interest from parents whose children did not attend private pre-schools with day-to-day care provided by English speaking natives, we are offering those parents  the option to register their child for a one year Preparatory Class with us. (In the case of this school year the Preparatory Class will run only for half a year.)

 Enrolment for both Year 1 and Preparatory Class (which is for children in need of the language support) will take place at the same time.


Please contact us if you would like to be informed further, email skola@anglozs and send us message or contact the Preparatory Stage Director Markéta Kantová, phone   775366160, email: marketa.kantova@anglozs.cz


Anglofonní základní škola

How to get to us

Adress: Janského 2189/18, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5

Email: skola@anglozs.cz


REDIZO: 691 008 345

Registered Business Number: 04 303 881


School Director: Mgr. Nikolaj Hladík

Email: nikolaj.hladik@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 603 416 073


Founder of the school: Anglofonní základní škola, z.ú., Registered with the Prague City Court, Section U, Enclosure 268

Registered Business Number: 04 303 881

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Founding Executive Director: JUDr. Mgr. Zdeněk Dvořák, Ph.D.

Email: zdenek.dvorak@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 603 392 392


Director of Preparatory Stage: Markéta Kantová

Email: marketa.kantova@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 775 366 160

By public transport – Bus number 142 goes from Nové Butovice (metro B), or Luka (metro B). Please get off at the bus stop ‘Malá Ohrada’.


By car - There is car parking at the school at Janského 2189/18, Stodůlky, Prague 13.

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