Fees for the school year of 2017/2018 are set at 115.000,- CZK per year.

Textbooks and teaching aids are included in the fees.

For the second and any following child we offer a 50% sibling discount.

The fees can be paid by one of the following ways:

  • in two payments, the first payment of 8.500,- CZK payable on 20th April in the particular school year and the second payment of 106.500,- CZK payable on 1st June in the particular school year, the two installments are the payment of fees for the whole school year;
  • in three payments, the first payment of 8.500,- CZK payable on 20th April in the particular schol year and the second payment of 49.000,- CZK payable on 1st June in the particular schol year, both paments of fees for the first term of the school year and the third payment in the amount of 57.500,- CZK payable on 1st December in the particular school year, for the second term of the school year.


The amount for our After School program is 5.200,- CZK per month. The After School program is open till 6 pm. Parents and the school can however agree a discounted amount of the fee for the After School in advance, in case the child will not attend the After School program each day of the week or for the whole calendar month. This fee is payable on 20th day of the month preceding the month for which the payment is made.


To pay the school fees by bank transfer use bank account number 273170654/0300, the bank is ČSOB, a.s. The variable sign is the number of the family (which is the same as the number of the contract). The day of payment is the day when the money is processed to the Schools account.


Food for our pupils is provided in the school canteen of Elementary School ‘Janského’ 2189 at the cost of 26,- CZK per lunch for children from age 6 – 10 years. Each month between 15th – 20th of the month payments for the value of 22 meals should be made to the school account, i.e. 572,- CZK per month. Overpayments are returned to payer's account at the end of the school year (unless agreed otherwise). In case of direct debit, the amount equaling to the difference between the fees for food in the following month and the balance from the previous month is debited from your bank account.


Anglofonní základní škola

How to get to us

Adress: Janského 2189/18, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5

Email: skola@anglozs.cz


REDIZO: 691 008 345

Registered Business Number: 04 303 881


School Director: Mgr. Nikolaj Hladík

Email: nikolaj.hladik@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 603 416 073


Founder of the school: Anglofonní základní škola, z.ú., Registered with the Prague City Court, Section U, Enclosure 268

Registered Business Number: 04 303 881

Data Box ID: s4s9nb8


Founding Executive Director: JUDr. Mgr. Zdeněk Dvořák, Ph.D.

Email: zdenek.dvorak@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 603 392 392


Director of Preparatory Stage: Markéta Kantová

Email: marketa.kantova@anglozs.cz

Phone: +420 775 366 160

By public transport – Bus number 142 goes from Nové Butovice (metro B), or Luka (metro B). Please get off at the bus stop ‘Malá Ohrada’.


By car - There is car parking at the school at Janského 2189/18, Stodůlky, Prague 13.

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