We have received the following reference when we requested a parent to give it for a client who inquired how we teach. We are proud to read such a nice reference and hence we have requested the parent to give her consent with adding it to our web page. You can read it below. The refernce has been given in December and we remove the names from it.


 Dear Mr. S.,


I am very pleased to provide you with some feedback and experience we have so far with joining Anglofonni zakladni skola.


First of all, I would like to mention that our son did not speak and especially did not understand native English before joining this school. As many kids, he knew just few basic words (colors, animals, Thank you, Hello, How are you). After really few months, we see his understanding has rapidly improved and now he is able to put some longer sentences together. What we really appreciate is his pronunciation, which he can only learn from the native speaker and only in his jung age. This is something Mr. Dvorak is really taking care about and you will not find it in many Czech schools.


Another thing, which I would like to stress is the way how the class and the day is being organized.

The teacher is their friend! The teacher does not insists on the standard length of lesson (45 minutes). If he/she sees the kids are not able to pay more attention or need a brake, they just change the activity/topic/make a brake regardless of time.

Also I have noticed that whole autumn the kids were spending a lot of time outside - getting know the nature (trees, plants, colors of autumn), instead of sitting in the class and learning such stuff from the book.


As you probably know the majority of subjects are in English, but what I really like is a parallel between some subject in Czech and English (the name of planets, trees, plants, animals, traffic in the city etc.). Thanks this the kids exactly know the Czech and English equivalent.


The last benefit I would like to highlight is a fact that the kids are in fact getting fully private education. In all Czech state grammar schools, there are typically around 25 - 30 kids. You can imagine how often one child may say something, how often the teacher can pay attention to such child. In this school, the kids are talking all the day, have to pay 100% attention and this is just due to a fact that they are just few.


Maybe, you may have a question in mind like what about the socialization with other kids. Yes, this might be considered as the only one disadvantage. However, our son is joining the after school every day and there is much bigger group of kids, but still a reasonable one, not too large. In the after school the kids are having many activities - all in English and the socialization here is definitely resolved.

We personaly prefer the private education and than the socialization follows up.


I think, the best mirror of satisfaction is our son himself. Every morning he hurries up to school and loves both teachers - Bara and Ed. During the weekend he constantly asks when he will go to school again. Believe me, he is not the kind who would like to do some home work or learn something which is mandatory, but thanks Bara and Ed he is doing it in the natural way without any resistance.


By the way, the kids are getting the only one home work for a whole week. The reason?? Just few kids in the class and they have enough time to do all during the day.


Hope, i gave you some flavor of the way how Mr. Dvorak’s school is being driven.


Should you have more questions or should you wish to meet me personally, I remain on your disposal.


Have a nice day,

P. R.


The mum agreed with passing her phone number to the client. In case you would like to get in touch with her, let us know and we can pass her contact details to you.


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